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This will be so fun! And here are a few simple details! Keep these logistics in mind! Thank You in Advance!

  1. Parking. All of the area businesses around us will be closed and traffic is at a minimum. Please feel free to park around Adamson Circle along the curb, but only on the right-hand side of the curb. DROP OFF GUESTS at the mailbox directly in front of the house. Grassy areas are always open for additional parking. The back garage has a paved area and you can block the garage doors on Sunday! If you’re able to walk a little way, save closer spots for people who made need them. The handicapped lift will be open, alert us ahead of time if you need assistance by calling 423.521.4832.

  2. Gratuity. 18% gratuity will be automatically added to your check for ease and event purposes. Every table will receive one check for the final payment. Your reserved credit card will not be charged. This card is kept encrypted and will automatically delete at the time of your reservation. Please collect monies in advance from your party to ensure that check out is easy and efficient for all, especially those heading to a matinee. Apps are made for “cashing” each other and may prove a bit useful.

  3. Dress Code. We’ve received calls asking if period clothing is fair game. WHY OF COURSE! Have all the fun you can! We will have hats available as always. During the Edwardian era, a lady would have her head and shoulders covered during afternoon tea, however, you may dress as eccentric as you dare.

  4. Alcohol. A complimentary flute of champagne is included, as well as a prechosen hot tea. Your server will gladly bring a nonalcoholic sparkling beverage upon request. Refills are $4 on the flute only, tea refills are complimentary.

  5. Gift Shop. Open 12:00-4:30. 10% off your entire purchase Sunday only. We plan to overbake. If you taste anything you are exceptionally fond of Sunday, the chances are good it is available packaged in our gift shop on this one day only. We also have autographed copies of THE ART OF AFTERNOON TEA, During the Downton and Titanic Eras by Penelope Carlevlato. This book contains recipes (we are using all recipes from this book for this event!) as well as traditions and is a delightful and fabulous read, priced at $15, a few dollars less than Amazon.

  6. Timing. It looks like Sunday will be a beautiful fall day! Arrive early and take pictures in the park. Seating will be prompt at 11 and 2, and we will be glad to take pictures at your table. You have your designated table space for two hours. We will run your tickets 60 minutes after you've been seated to ensure we don’t hold those of you up who have movie tickets.

  7. Drawing. Please take as many photos as you like, we will help. Tag POLLYCLAIRES on any social media site for your chance to win afternoon tea for two! We will only enter the person who tags us, so each of you may enter by posting a picture, even if the photo is the same. The drawing will be Wednesday, 9/25 so you have a few days to share and post!

  8. Etiquette Guide. Something extra special I wrote and have had printed for you. I will not go over the guide with you, it is a take-home gift. A very limited supply of extra copies are available in our shop for $2.00, please feel free to share the information but not copy it. Thank You!

  9. ENJOY! This event is the first of this magnitude for Polly Claire’s. If we have overlooked something we will do our very best to rectify it immediately. We hope to see you enjoy yourselves to the absolute hilt! Thank you for coming to our Downton Event! Because of your loyal support we are three years old this week! We have the best guests ever! I cannot understate my thankfulness and gratitude!

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